Monday, August 25, 2008


Okay, so I've been having some trouble with Netflix mailing me my movies, and have been twiddling my thumb for at least a week now.

They're working on fixing the problem and should be sending me my movies soon, so for right now I'm calling this thing to a halt for about a week. I'd planned this whole activity out with the intention of watching, for the most part, movies I had never seen. The idea of writing for the next week about movies I've already seen didn't really interest me, mostly because it seems like a waste of a week of movie watching.

So, with the holiday coming up and my first week of a new semester of school starting now, I'm just going to put everything on hold unitl Tuesday, September 2nd. From that point on, I've got 310 movies to watch in the 310 days that follow. I know, in "reality" I'm a couple movies behind, but September 2nd will be the reset button.

I blame Netflix. They provide a great service for a great price. But I still blame them.

See you in a week, whoever you are.

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