Sunday, November 2, 2008

#111: 2001: A Space Odyssey


2001: A Space Odyssey
Directed by Stanley Kubrick
Written by Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke (based on Clarke's writings, especially "The Sentinel")
Released April 6, 1968

Someone once said that writing about music is like dancing about architecture. In other words, how can you use one form of art to describe another?

I've always felt that saying was a bit silly, but when I think about writing anything about Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, it starts to make a lot of sense.

How do I sum up one of the greatest cinematic experiences you could possibly have, made by a director who had so much faith in his audience (or so much confidence in his film) that he entirely eschewed conventional storytelling and narrative with this movie? I suppose there's a first, second and third act here, but the first contains no dialogue and the third - still with very little dialogue - will just trip you the fuck out completely.

2001 requires participation on the viewer's part. It requires that you take it in, that you think about what it means or what it means to you. If I were to write about the movie tonight, I'd pretty much just be standing in your way. Why don't more movies let you do that?

To honor Kubrick, I'm just going to take a moment to laud the technical brilliance of his film. Before humans had even landed on the moon, Kubrick took viewers on a realistic voyage into the universe and, by film's end, eternity. Every single detail, the haunting and frightening music, the groundbreaking effects, the perfectly composed shots and beautiful lighting, amounts to an absolute masterpiece.

While I've watched 2001 dozens of times, I finally had the opportunity tonight to see it in a theater. I never usually sit as close to the screen as I did tonight, but I just wanted to feel like I was surrounded by this movie. Though the print wasn't of the best quality and the screen was by no means massive, it was an intense, immersive experience. I highly recommend seeing it in a theater if you have the means.

Regardless of how you manage to take it in, the movie is like nothing else you may ever see, one of the most intellectually and philosophically interesting pieces of art ever put to film. In its own vernacular, it is the Monolith: the touchstone for cinematic progress that helped move the medium forward.

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The 2001: A Space Odyssey trailer:


Babbster said...

Awesome review, I absolutely loved this movie although I never got to see it in a theater. I did get to see A Clockwork Orange in theaters though which was a sight to see. I am a projectionist at a theater, and I do have to say they older films I have seen re-released in theaters now a days are in surprisingly good condition, thank god we have them.

Dylan Gaughan said...

I know I've seen Clockwork at least once in the theater (obviously, not upon its initial release) and have also seen Dr. Strangelove. There's a Kubrick retrospective showing for the next month where I live, so I'm going to try and catch as many of his flicks there as possible. Can't wait to see "The Killing" and "Barry Lyndon" for the first time, big screen or not.

Babbster said...

more updates!! please... lol but really you one of the only reviewers I can stand, and thats saying something because Im majoring in Film making!

Dylan Gaughan said...

More is coming, I promise. I'm swamped with school and work right now, so once finals are over, I'll be making up for it by watching 2 or 3 flicks a day until I'm caught up.

Babbster said...

Cool man I really do appreciate it, and I'm sure others do as well!